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What is the difference between domestic shoe machine equipment and imported shoe machine?
Posted : 2017-07-15  Browse :

The domestic shoe machine industry development is lagging behind, but the recent development of the past few years faster. According to customs statistics, domestic shoe machine in the Chinese tannery market share has more than 60%. From the market demand, China as a shoe-making power, shoe-making machinery market there is great potential for the next 20 years, there are opportunities for development.

At present, although the shoe machine industry is also gradually upgrading the product, but the whole is still mainly in the improvement of the area. Such as some equipment to install an environmental protection device, and some control mode change mode, a large breakthrough in technology is still relatively small. Improve the grade, replacement, stable after-sales service level, is still the domestic shoe machine need to pay attention to and solve the problem.

Single product quality theory, the domestic shoe machine and the gap between the imported shoe machine is not big, but the lack of independent innovation capacity, imitation is still widespread. In terms of price, domestic equipment is still much lower than the import, do not say that Italy, Germany's products, that is, Korean products, the price is at least higher than the domestic machine more than doubled. & nbsp;

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