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Full automatic multi functional EPR rubber plastic injection molding machine

1.Structure advantage:
    ◆Low operation height, proper height of control platform fits the body engineering.
    ◆Automatically open-mould structure, easier to clean the mould safer to get out of finished product.
    ◆The data is calculated by the PLC/PC, makes the energy precisely controlled.
    ◆The machine has 6 stations, only just for one set mould, it is very scientific design
2.Mould cost is lower, the traditional rubber mould which being improved, can be also used in this machine the cost of mould is reducing.
3.Material cost is lower. The material can be recycle for re-using.
4.Product cost is lower. The EPR product is One-step forming ,the technology will be more simple than tradition, the finished product is environmental Protection and has good surface, no need to process, the cost will be lower.
5.Few workers, high production, save energy.

◆Video Link:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzE0OTc0MDUy.html


Suitable Material : EPR,TR,TPU
Produce : various kinds of EPR soles and other products.


Items Units KR2800-X6
Material kind EPR RB TPR TPU等
Work stations stations 6
Mold clamping pressure T 145
Mold size mm 340×500
Opening stroke of mould mm 275
Diameter of screw mm Ф65
Max.injection capacity 9 1200
Injection pressure kg/cm² 1000
Injection speed cm/sel 10
Rotate speed of the screw R.P.M 0-165
Temperature control point 4
Power of screw heating kw 13.1
Power of heating plate kw 8×6=48
Total electricity kw 82
Oil tank size L 1000
Dimension(L×W×H) M 8×4×2.7
Machine weight T 16

Specifications are subject to change request without notice for improvement!

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